noun [mey-vuh n] \ˈmā-vən\
:  one who is experienced or knowledgeable : virtuoso : expert


noun [gild] \ˈgild\
:  an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal
: a collective : fellowship

Senior Spark & Python Developer

Business Intelligence Systems or its more common moniker — Data Warehouse, have become a common fixture in all modern corporations. However, while competitive aspirations have driven scores of companies to erect these behemoth data machineries, only some have succeeded in coaxing projected return on investments from them. While the pitfalls are many, a meticulously orchestrated data warehouse can be an information powerhouse that propels businesses past their competition.

What we would like to see: This position demands a critical understanding of data warehousing concepts, advanced ETL and BI report development skills, and an in-depth knowledge of SQL Server database. Primary responsibilities of this senior role include leading development efforts of ETL processes and BI reports using Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) and Tableau, designing relational database structures, prescribing and implementing database development standards, and some SQL server database administration. Ideal team member should be a self-starter, work with minimal supervision and seek-out opportunities to augment existing processes. ***All candidates will undergo stringent technical interview*** A typical day as a Data Warehouse Lead/SQL Server Specialist: Develop and lead development efforts of data integration (ETL) processes and BI reports Develop and lead development efforts of SQL queries for ad hoc data analysis, data integration processes, audit purposes and performance tuning of production SQL Develop and lead development efforts of database objects (tables, views, stored procedures, indexes, etc.,) Implement and administer (Level 1) SQL Server databases across various development and production environments Implement and administer standards for development and deployment of database objects Lead implementation efforts of database structures to support enterprise data warehousing activities Lead implementation efforts of high-availability and disaster recovery environments Assist data integration teams with data modeling tasks and maintain an inventory of data definitions Assist and advise in performance tuning of SQL queries Assist and advise in organization and standardization of existing database structures Assist and advise in data migration and test data creation Assist and advise in process automation and scheduling Assist in data integration activities and collaborate with cross functional teams What you will need to bring to the table: 8+ years experience of working as a data warehouse developer Solid experience with data integration and reporting tools like SSIS, SSRS and procedural coding. Experience with creation of database structures and effective management of all database objects Experience with implementing database resource governance Experience with database standards and end user applications Experience with data backup, recovery, security, integrity and SQL Substantial experience with standing up development and testing database environments Good knowledge of database design, documentation and coding Good knowledge of data warehouse methodologies and best practices Strong problem solving skills, with an analytical mindset BS degree in Computer Science or relevant experience in lieu of a college degree for exceptional candidates Knowledge of working within Agile framework is desired Knowledge of other relational database systems like Oracle or MySQL is desired Complimentary skill sets like background in C++, Java, scripting languages, etc., will be a huge bonus

Data Warehouse Lead / SQL Server Specialist